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Posted April 26, 2017

Tired of your bathroom’s design? Consider these remodelling tips!

You run yourself a hot bath to unwind after a long day at work. You settle in, glass of red wine in hand, and make an effort to clear your mind. You desperately need to relax, but your dated faucets, funky tile and tatty cabinetry are only adding to the day’s stress.

Your bathroom is probably the most frequently used room in the house and therefore, shouldn’t be neglected at the expense of other home improvement projects. Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre has been helping local residents with their bathroom renovations for more than 50 years. Our committed team of interior designers can help you transform your bathroom into a place of comfort and beauty.

Whether you’re contemplating an overhaul with new custom bathroom cabinets or a smaller upgrade with paint and new lighting, this is your chance to select a design that fits your personality and lifestyle needs.

At Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre, we believe that remodelling your bathroom can significantly improve your quality of life. Consider these benefits:

Increased value of your home

Breathing fresh life into your bathroom with a luxurious, modern design will make your home more desirable to prospective buyers. Homes with updated, nicely furnished bathrooms tend to sell quicker and at a higher price. If you’re thinking about putting your Oakville home up for sale, consider giving your bathroom a facelift for a healthy return on investment. Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre offers a range of bathroom renovation services, from interior design consultations to custom cabinets fit for every style preference.

Improved functionality

Is your bathroom too cramped for your current lifestyle? Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre can help you create a space that is built around the needs of your growing family. We believe that a bathroom should be both functional and enjoyable, so that you can kick-start your day on the right foot. Bathroom renovations are a great opportunity to optimize your storage space with open shelving, custom cabinets and storage racks. Switching from a single sink to a double vanity can make a world of difference for improved convenience, organization and cleanliness.

Added comfort

A bathroom is your place of retreat after a long day. It should reflect your unique personality and offer all of the necessary features for spa-like comfort and relaxation. For years, our design experts have been helping Oakville homeowners create a rejuvenating space with high-end, luxurious designs at an affordable rate. Consider the relaxing effect of ambient lighting, calming colour schemes, new accessories and improved cabinetry.

Whether your style is classic, rustic or modern-inspired, Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre can help you create your dream bathroom with innovative renovation ideas and top-quality custom cabinets that Oakville homeowners have come to trust.

Visit our showroom today and meet with our accredited team of designers—they’ll help you pin down your dream design!


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