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Posted February 25, 2017

How custom cabinets can improve your bathroom

Custom bathroom cabinets are an important part of today’s luxury bathroom trend. From traditional ornate styles to something more clean-cut and modern, the range of new designs in cabinets and vanities is larger than ever.

If you want to boost your home’s value with a beautiful space that boasts comfort and innovative design, then consider these benefits to custom-built cabinetry:

The sky’s the limit

There’s no need to compromise on predefined woods, styles and vanities, or struggle with sizing restrictions. With custom cabinets you can pick and choose the colours, materials and finishes that best reflect your personal style, and we’ll make sure they’re made to scale.

Flexible storage space

Custom cabinets not only elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal, but also improve its functionality by offering more space to store your toiletries.


A craftsman can add quality touches and finer details to made-to-order cabinets, instead of the short-lived glues and nails commonly used in assembly line manufacturing.

If we have you convinced that adding custom-built cabinets is the perfect renovation solution for adding value and beauty to your Oakville home, then here’s what you need to consider before running out to start your bathroom renovations:

  1. 1. Figure out a budget: Do you want maple or cherry wood? Laminate or marble tops? Some materials inevitably cost more than others. Our experts at Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre will work with you to determine what kind of design is possible within your budget constraints.
  2. 2. Understand how you use the space: Take a minute to think about how you use your bathroom and use that information to help you decide on the best configuration and style for your cabinetry.
  3. 3. Determine your style preference: There are as many styles of cabinets to fill your remodelled bathroom as there are colours to paint them. Whether you’re considering a classic design with natural wood tones or a modern design with espresso-black accents, our experts can help see your vision to fruition.
  4. 4. Know what you don’t like: Pin down exactly what it is that you don’t like about your current cabinet system. Whether it has to do with a lack of space, an outdated design or poor organizational features, the more specific you are, the more focused our experts can be at targeting the right options.

At Oakville Kitchen & Bath Centre, we believe installing custom bathroom cabinets is the answer to all of your decorating and storage needs, which is why we’ve been servicing Oakville homeowners with top-quality cabinetry in trendsetting designs for more than 50 years.

Visit our showroom today to discover our wide selection of custom bathroom cabinets, available in many different styles, materials and finishes. Not sure what your design preferences are? Our on-site experts can help spark your imagination!


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